AK47 Automatic

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Феминизированные Феминизированный
Генотип Ruderalis, Mostly sativa
Генетика AK47 x Lowryder
Цветение 70 дней
Урожай Medium
Высота Short
для открытого воздуха Аутдорный сорт
ТГК Высокий
Низкий Низкорослый
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Описание сорта

Lowlife Automatic AK47 now in FEMINIZED!!! Crossing the very best AK47 we could find with the auto-flowering genes of Lowryder, we have produced a strain that is the perfect blend of the two. Everything that we loved about the AK47 has been left intact from its beautiful aroma and resin encrusted buds through to its unique bud structure and astonishing potency. The cross with Lowryder means that now it can be grown anywhere. Balconies, window boxes, patios, indoors or outdoors, connoisseur grade marijuana is now attainable for every grower. Auto-flowering strains flower in response to age rather than light cycle. Automatic AK47 Feminized will grow vegetatively for approximately 14 days then enter into a rapid, almost violent flowering period. For the next 56 days they will branch out profusely, throw out pistils in their thousands, calyxes will swell and a coating of resin glands will make the mature plant glisten as if dusted with fine diamonds.

Odour levels are quite high and a large quantity of flowering females can certainly produce quite an aroma. There are two distinct variations in aroma, one is somewhat sweetand the other is spicy but both types produce the same effect. Previously, especially in the northern hemisphere, the average grower was limited to the strains one could grow successfully. Now with Automatic AK47 Feminized you can grow marijuana that before, many would have no chance of fully ripening under natural outdoor conditions. With a lifespan of a mere 70 days from seed to harvest it is not only possible to get an early harvest of high quality marijuana but multiple harvests per season. Indoors, a perpetual harvest has never been easier to maintain. We believe that our Automatic AK47 Feminized is the most potent auto-flowering hyb available as well as the heaviest yielder.



Lowlife AK47 Automatic отмечен тегами:

Феминизированный 1952 Автоцветущий 760 Преимущественно Сатива 764 Аутдор 1691
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